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SIATech Albuquerque at the Albuquerque Job Corps Center was founded in 2004. The school advocates that all students can learn and have the right to earn a high school diploma along with their GED, even if they have been previously unsuccessful in a traditional school system.


SIATech Albuquerque, in partnership with Job Corps and the U.S. Department of Labor, created a way to break the cycle of poverty and underachievement for students who have not been successful in previous schools. SIATech Albuquerque delivers a curriculum that uses state-of-the-art technologies to integrate academic knowledge and real-world applications within a professional, work-like setting. Students are engaged by the technology and involved with the outcome-based project curriculum. They achieve good academic results in dramatically less time than in the traditional school setting.


SIATech Albuquerque teacher assists struggling studentTheir academic training in GED classes and the high school curriculum support and enhance their occupational training. By the end of their time in Job Corps, they have the opportunity to gain a GED, a high school diploma and solid training in an occupation that prepares them for an independent, productive life.


The partnership between the Albuquerque Job Corps and SIATech Albuquerque provides students with a complete work-readiness package positioning them for success in a rapidly changing world. They participate in a motivational and challenging academic schedule blended into a program of workplace readiness training, social skills training, and personal support services. SIATech Albuquerque grants a high school diploma on students who complete the high school program with credits awarded for work completed in Career Preparation Period (CPP) and their vocational skills training program.


The SIATech Albuquerque and Job Corps programs are designed to support the students’ employment opportunities, provide preparation for higher education and training, and/or satisfy armed forces entrance requirements. The collaborative efforts of the Albuquerque Job Corps Center and SIATech Albuquerque support meeting the needs of students who seek to improve their lives.


Recent News


SIATech Albuquerque Volunteers at VEX Robotics Tournament Held at University of New Mexico

by Laurie Pianka

SIATech Albuquerque leaders joined students from elementary, middle, and high schools around the state who gathered at the University of New Mexico (UNM) School of Engineering Centennial Center on Saturday Feb. 1, 2014, for the UNM VEX Robotics Competition. Pictured on the far left, SIATech Science Instructor Randy Valles guides the competition as head referee.


The students battled throughout the day with robots they created from the VEX Robotics Design System in games of "Toss Up" and "Add It Up." The games were developed by VEX Robotics, Inc. and the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, leaders in educational and competitive robotics.


The sponsor of the UNM event was 3D Proven Systems. 3D Proven Systems provided the Trophies for the event which were created from an AutoCAD 2-D drawing then printed on 3D printers by the company.


SIATech Albuquerque Charter High School supported the event with technical expertise, and by volunteering at the event. Randy Valles, SIATech Science teacher, provided hands on support as the head referee and also shared equipment and materials that allowed students to compete.



The event was well attended, and Governor Susana Martinez was there where she expressed her appreciation of the students' expertise in Engineering and Robotics.


SIATech Albuquerque has a thriving Robotics program and the Albuquerque Job Corps Center has hosted previous tournaments.


Here is a link to a video about the Robotics program at SIATech.



Laurie Pianka is the area education director for SIATech central.



A Wonderful Weekend of New Thinking in SIATech Albuquerque
by Greg Cohen


On the weekend of May 18-19, the SIATech Albuquerque staff and a few other educators from the Albuquerque community were treated to a weekend of professional development with Dr. William Daggett.

SIATech Albuquerque Principal Erik Bose(pictured on right with Dr. Daggett), the event organizer, also invited Learning Support team members Marti Dayton and me to participate.


Erik Bose and Dr. Daggett

All day Saturday and half of Sunday, Dr. Daggett and the SIATech team discussed the latest research and trends in the education community. There was a focus on how the latest news and findings can help SIATech meet the needs of the next generation of students and reach the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


From brain research to technology, SBAC to PARCC, data systems to instructional strategies, the staff gorged on a buffet of ideas, theories, and paradigm shifts inherent in the transition to CCSS.


After Dr. Daggett left the group, the Albuquerque team spent the rest of the day working together. The team defined and developed specific ways to apply new concepts and ideas generated during the weekend's session to their school.


SIATech Albuquerque staff and Dr. Daggett


The Albuquerque team poses for a group photo with Dr. Daggett after an enriching day and a half of new thinking. The workshop participants (pictured from left to right): Shawna Wright, Cathee Sanchez, Sandy Roth, Becky Hutchinson, Martha Files, John Broilo, Amanda Glantz, Shawn Burich, Susan Trodouz, Donna Baca, Sean Wingfield, William Daggett, Mike Mack, John Rodarte, Erik Bose, Clair Merchant, Randy Valles, Amy Robles, Art Sandoval, Patrick Rodriguez, Marti Dayton.


The team further explored the idea of expanding their existing collaborative learning communities to incorporate a "project block." The project block would promote participation across content areas through CCSS-based inquiry projects. And, ideally, these projects could meet the requirements for multiple content areas.


Together, the SIATech Albuquerque team finished the weekend with a timeline to further develop and implement their ideas.


Greg Cohen is a Learning Support Specialist for SIATech's central office.



SIATech Albuquerque Hosts First New Mexico VEX Robotics Tournament
by Randy Valles and Laurie Pianka


SIATech at the Albuquerque Job Corps Center welcomed nine New Mexico schools in the Inaugural SIATech Albuquerque Charter High School VEX Robotics Tournament on March 16. SIATech Albuquerque had two student teams which each won awards.


The Excellence Award winner of the tournament was Team 7352 - Mahoganites from Mountain Mahogany Community School, a charter school in Albuquerque. Because of this victory, the team is eligible to participate in the VEX Robotics World Championship in Anaheim in April 2013.


SIATech Albuquerque Charter High School and the Albuquerque Job Corps center have a lot to be proud of for all their efforts to host this event. SIATech Albuquerque Science Teacher Randy Valles was recognized and awarded the Volunteer of the Year trophy.


SIATech Albuquerque's two teams each won an award at the competition. The Eagles (Team 7643) won the Judges' Award. This award recognizes a team that deserves special recognition for things such as exemplary effort and perseverance. The Eagles 2 (Team 7349) won the Design Award for their organized and professional approach to the design process as well as effective time management and team organization. Congratulations!


All of the teams that participated received Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation grants that provided the funds for the robotics kits and supplies. Most of the teams also participated in a VEX Workshop that Randy Valles hosted at SIATech Albuquerque in December 2012.


Congratulations to Randy Valles, Principal Erik Bose, and the rest of the SIATech volunteers for holding such a successful event. Special thanks to Victoria Collins, Albuquerque Job Corps Deputy Center Director, who was the judge for the event and assisted throughout the day in many capacities. In her duties as event Judge, Victoria's expertise in graciously interacting with parents, students and team mentors, who all had a story to share, was a priceless contribution to the success of the event.


Thank you to the Albuquerque Job Corps staff who also assisted in the event and a special thanks to Albuquerque Center Director Mr.Samuel Kolapo for providing the facilities for the event and providing this unique opportunity for our Albuquerque Job Corps students and the New Mexico community.


Randy Valles is a science teacher at SIATech at Albuquerque Job Corps Center. Laurie Pianka is the director of education for SIATech's Area 2 which includes schools in Arizona, Arkansas, and New Mexico.



SIATech Albuquerque Awarded Two Grants
by Shawn Burich


SIATech Albuquerque's English department's program, Ramped Up Reading, was awarded $3,000 by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. The grant is awarded to programs with new readers, below grade level readers, and readers with learning disabilities—all of whom are served here at SIATech. 


The English department's grant is dedicated to Reading Plus classes which use an online program to improve students' skills in speed, comprehension, and fluency.


The Science department was awarded a $21,175 grant from the New Mexico State Public Education Department to plan, design, purchase, and install robot systems to equip students for science, technology, engineering, and math competitions at public schools statewide. The money can be spent on computers, parts, software, and equipment for students' robotics projects.


In other Robotics grant news, SIATech schools in Arizona and Albuquerque received grants from the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation. The grants go toward the purchase of kits to be used in the classrooms to build Robotics. Phoenix andTucson each received enough for one Robotics kit and Albuquerque received funds for two kits. Along with the Robotics grant from the New Mexico State Public Education Department, the total donated funding for this year's SIATech Robotics teams is about $30,000!


Mark your calendars for SIATech at Albuquerque Job Corps Center's 2nd Annual VEX Robotics Tournament on March 16, 2013. For more information, send us an email.

To learn a little about SIATech and Robotics, check out this video.


Shawn Burich, EdD is an English instructor at SIATech at Albuquerque Job Corps Center.



SIATech Albuquerque Principal Attends US Senate Youth Program Event in Washington, DC

SIATech Albuquerque Principal Erik Bose Listens to President Barack Obama The 50th Anniversary United States Senate Youth Program Washington Week took place in March 2012. This extraordinary week brought together educational leaders and student delegates from across the country.


SIATech Albuquerque was represented by Principal Erik Bose. (Erik is seated third from the left in the picture.)


Each year, the state departments of education selects administrators from the states of the two acting Senate Co-Chairs. These administrators are invited to attend Washington Week and see the program and the students up close.


Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico was the USSYP Co-Chair and he invited SIATech Albuquerque Principal Erik Bose as one of the distinguished guests in education for the week!


The week is an intensive educational experience about the American government. Attendees were able to learn from and be inspired by the highest level elected and appointed officials in the country.


Speakers for the 50th Anniversary program included:

  • President Barack Obama
  • The Chief Justice of the U.S. John Roberts
  • Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
  • Senator Jeff Bingaman
  • Senator Susan Collins and Congressman Cory Gardner
  • NASA Administrator Charles Bolden
  • Brian Lamb, Founder and CEO of C-SPAN

In addition to the White House meeting with the President, 68 US Senators came to the 50th Anniversary USSYP Annual Reception for all Senators and Students.


Learn more about the USSYP program here on the C-SPAN show “Q and A”. This town hall-style forum gives almost every student to voice his or her impressions of the week.


Congratulations to Mr. Erik Bose!



SIATech's Erik Bose Named NASSP's Principal of the Year for New Mexico


Congratulations to SIATech Albuquerque Principal Erik Bosewho has been named the 2011 Met Life/National Association of Secondary School Principals Principal of the Year for New Mexico!


We are all very proud of Erik and the work he’s doing to keep SIATech as one of the top charter schools in the state of New Mexico. The SIATech Albuquerque staff and students continue to thrive under Erik’s leadership and his mantra, “Choose Success.” This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication by the team in Albuquerque to provide every success for our “At Promise” students.


Erik will be honored by the state at the New Mexico State Administrators’ Conference in July and at the National Principals’ Institute in Washington, D.C. in September. 




SIATech Albuquerque Students
Visit the State Legislature
by Clair Merchant-Toledo

On March 2, seven SIATech Albuquerque students went to the New Mexico State Legislature to participate in Charter School Day. Students talked with senators, representatives, and Hanna Skandera, who is the Secretary-Elect of Education for the State of New Mexico. Students spoke about the challenges faced by "at-promise" students.


Students shared their thoughts about their personal journeys back into education and the effects SIATech has had on their lives and educational goals. They also discussed how proposed legislation would personally affect their education and their school's future. Students had a display of student work in the rotunda and networked with other charter schools.  While networking with other charter schools, James Stuart was photographed and featured by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper in the legislative round-up section.


SIATech Albuquerque students take trip to visit state legislature

SIATech students pose with the New Mexico Secretary-Elect of Education Heather Skandera. (Front Row Left to Right) Kedisha White, Arianna Ledesma-Garcia, Brittani Black, Sonia Otero, Clair Merchant-Toledo, (Back Row) Letitia Ben, Heather Skandera, Kapaya Lukusa, James Stuart.


SIATech Albuquerque's Aspiring Artist:
David Lomaintewa (Hopi-Navajo)
Student Showing Art at Gallery on October 2
by Shawn Burich

Art from SIATech AlbuquerqueDavid Lomaintewa (Hopi-Navajo) started at Albuquerque Job Corps in February, 2010 and earned his GED in March. He graduated from SIATech in July, 2010, and will be leaving the center in October. David, who is 21, has been painting for only the past 18 months.



Art from SIATech AlbuquerquePreviously he did pencil drawings of faces, cars, and landscaping — primarily focusing on old decaying trees. His pencil drawings of faces are so life-like many people believe them to be old photographs. His love for abstract artwork is inspired by the Canadian abstract painter, Osnat Tzadok, and the way she uses color, as well as by what he is feeling and seeing at the time.  





SIATech Albuquerque StudentDavid's love for woodcraft comes from his ché, Ben (grandfather). When he was younger, they built benches and hideouts. He recently completed an artist’s easel box that completely dismantles like a puzzles and fits in a self-contained box. He is hoping to patent his creation for resale.




SIATech Albuquerque Student David Lomaintewa ArtDavid loves to paint large canvas abstracts. A few years back he was employed at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego as a letter brush artist painting people’s names in the shapes of animals.



David has been accepted for spring term at the American Indian Art Institute in Santa Fe, NM, where he will professionally pursue his passion for art. He also aspires to become a custom cabinet maker.


Art from SIATech AlbuquerqueDavid’s first gallery exhibit will be in Albuquerque, NM, this Saturday, October 2, at the Somè Galleries in Old Town from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Shawn Burich
is an English teacher at SIATech Albuquerque.



Albuquerque Globe Gets Washington, D.C.'s Attention
Statue created out of recycled materials by SIATech Students and Job Corps Trainees

The globe created by SIATech Albuquerque students is greeted by delegates at G-20 summit. The school created a globe made out of recycled materials for display in Washington DC.The Albuquerque Job Corps Center took center stage in Washington, DC, when world leaders met for the G-20 summit last month. A recycled-metal globe created by the center's students was prominently featured at the Department of Labor building during the April 20-21 summit. The 4 1/2-foot, 1,500-pound globe sculpture will remain on display at the building until a permanent site is found.


The globe was created through collaboration between students from SIATech Albuquerque, the carpentry and electrical classes, and the center's well-known welding department.


According to Emily Salazar of the Albuquerque Job Corps Center, "The Albuquerque Job Corps program was selected for this great honor to showcase the artistic talents and technical craftsmanship of its students and quality instruction from teachers in its Advanced Welding program. Albuquerque Job Corps’ unique program draws the best welding students from among all of Job Corps 123 nationwide centers." 

SIATech Albuquerque students created a globe made out of recycled materials for display in Washington DC.


SIATech math students played a major role as designers of the globe working in concert with the builders. As reported in theAlbuquerque Journal, "Students from the onsite charter high school, SIATech, helped by designing the stainless-steel continents so they would fit the curvature of the formed metal on the globes. The carpentry class built the base for the prototype out of recycled oak, and the electrical class designed the solar lighting system."


The “World Globe” was created from 100% recycled materials and scraps found at the center, including rods and stainless steel. The globe has a light powered by a solar panel. The environmentally-conscious globe is a reminder of Job Corps' commitment to preparing more students for the green economy.


The project also honors the students' New Mexican cultural heritage. Salazar wrote, "The entire theme of the project is designed to highlight the New Mexico culture by depicting parts of the state’s ZIA sun symbol in the steps of the stand, with accoutrements of lightening, symbolizing rain, and other designs used in Native American artistry."


Secretary of Labor looks up at delegates from the G-20 summit with a globe created by SIATech Albuquerque students in the background.A similar but smaller replica world globe is also being built by students to be presented as a commemorative remembrance of the G-20 meeting to Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis.


The students' commitment and diligence to the project was demonstrated by long hours, often 5:30 am to 5:30 pm. The students shared comments (provided by Emily Salazar) about Albuquerque Job Corps and their pride in the project:


Wendelle Castillo, 19 from Torreon, New Mexico “I am honored to be on this project as I am the only Native American female welder who is working on it...I am glad to be part of this globe which will be out in public for the world to see.”


Burton Tsinninjinnie, 20 Cove Arizona, (Navajo) (the foreman), “I was tired of working for minimum wage and was trying to find a good job...Working on this project was an exciting thing and awesome and I am honored to be a part of that.”


Jose Partillo. 17, Albuquerque, NM “I am honored to be the youngest welder to be chosen to work on the project.  I was raised by a single mother. It was hard for my mother raising us but we made it through. The reason I came to the AJCC is so I can better my life for me and my mother. Welding has taught me employability skills and how it is on a real world job.”


Scott Lente Kasero, 24, Laguna, NM, Pueblo (head foreman), “I had some hard times, then one day my mother and I were in Albuquerque to see what the program was about.  I am here to be a successful certified welder and to open my own shop.  It has been an honor for not only me but the AJCC welding department to be working on something that one day my family and kids can see.”


Erik Bose Elected President of the New Mexico Association of Secondary School Principals
SIATech Albuquerque Principal Embodies Educational Leadership


SIATech Albuquerque Principal with Senator Tom Udall at Leadership Conference

Congratulations to SIATech Albuquerque Principal Erik Bose! Mr. Bose is the new President-elect for the New Mexico Association of Secondary School Principals and will also serve as a board member for the New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators. This is an exciting opportunity for Mr. Bose to share best practices with his peers as well as represent the perspective of educators working with at-promise students. As part of this new role, Mr. Bose recently traveled to Washington, DC, to attend the organizations' Leadership Conference. Pictured above is Principal Bose with the U.S. Senator from New Mexico, Tom Udall.


Mr. Bose has been with SIATech Albuquerque since its opening and has worked in several roles at this award-winning program. After spending time as a Social Studies / English teacher, Mr. Bose served as Assistant Principal for four years before being promoted to Principal of the school.



Success Stories


Aaron began his SIATech Albuquerque program in August of 2004. He had 12 high school credits and was very reluctant to engage in the curriculum. He decided in October that he was quitting SIATech and Job Corps. Then he received his GED results—he had passed. With renewed faith, Aaron decided to stay. He not only stayed but was a “man with a mission.” He finished his trade in welding, completed his SIATech curriculum, and passed his high school exit examination. All of this while also struggling to support his girlfriend and five year old daughter. As graduation approached, Aaron was determined to not only finish, but to finish on top. He was named the Job Corps Valedictorian and was a top honor SIATech graduate.


Thanks to SIATech Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Job Corps, Aaron had the “tools” to bring to a job interview. With his SIATech “Webfolio” and the confidence gained from both SIATech and Job Corps, he was offered and accepted a welding job in Las Vegas, Nevada at a starting salary of $30 per hour!


Aaron’s is only one of many stories of success at SIATech Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Job Corps Center. The SIATech staff and students partnered with the Job Corps provide a comprehensive program that leads to student self-actualization of “Real Learning for Real Life.”