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County: Pulaski
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Principal: Katie Hatley Tatum




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SIATech Little Rock Charter High School has been serving Pulaski County students since 2011. The school moved to a new location in Fall 2013. It continues its unique and effective approach with students who need to get back-on track to



SIATech Little Rock is accredited by AdvancED and the Arkansas Department of Education.


Students have credentialed teachers in all areas. The endpoint of the SIATech program is the award of a high school diploma. Graduates leave SIATech prepared for college and career.


SIATech Little Rock delivers a Common Core-aligned curriculum that uses state-of-the-art technologies to integrate academic knowledge and real-world applications within a professional, work-like setting.

Students are engaged by the technology and involved with the outcome-based project curriculum. Students work at an individually-appropriate pace and are expected to make learning gains in dramatically less time than in the traditional school setting.


Principal Profile


Katie Tatum is the founding principal of SIATech. She comes to us with 21 years of educational experience. Seven of those years were spent in administration. She currently holds a K-12 Building Administrator credential with certifications also in English, Special Education, Physical Education and Coaching. Katie has one son. She is excited to be a part of the SIATech family.



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Recent News


SIATech Little Rock Teacher Chosen from 900 Applicants to Represent Arkansas


Wendy Bryant, Special Programming Director for Little Rock SIATech, was chosen to participate in the grade 10 English Language Arts/Literacy Performance Level Setting Meeting, taking place this summer in Denver, Colorado. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) received over 900 applications from educators in PARCC member states and was chosen based on her work with a variety of students as well as her background in various educational settings. Educators from all of PARCC’s member states will spend the week analyzing state testing standards and identifying areas of testing needs. The team will also be able to present their findings to PARCC in an effort to have testing standards which represent the variety of students served. Bryant stated that she plans to work hard to provide a voice for students who are often overlooked when testing criteria and standards are developed.

Bryant is honored to have been selected and is excited to represent the state of Arkansas.


SIATech Little Rock Wins 
eResources Digital Portal Grant

SIATech Little Rock is pleased to announce it was awarded an eResources Digital Learning Grant from the Arkansas Public School Resource Center. Along with 32 school districts, SIATech Little Rock will receive funds to provide digital coursework to students.


The eResources Digital Learning Grant covers the cost of several additional course options for students. This grant opportunity is available through a partnership with the Walton Family Foundation. SIATech was required to complete an application and implementation plan in its request for the grant money.


Chosen schools and districts were selected through a rigorous grants process which evaluated each application. "We were impressed with the quality of the grant applications we saw," said APSRC Executive Director Scott Smith.


SIATech Little Rock Principal Katie Tatum is thrilled by what the award will mean for students. "This grant allows SIATech Little Rock more flexibility with course offerings. It also allows me to offer students elective classes for which we don't currently have a high-quality teacher. This grant will open many doors academically for our school."


Schools and districts chosen to receive the grant will be required to participate and present in a "Best Practices" Conference hosted by APSRC in order to share their successes and allow other districts the opportunity to learn from them.


SIATech Little Rock looks forward to sharing their best practices and experiences using the resources as a dropout recovery charter high school.


SIATech Little Rock Celebrates Graduation!!


On November 23, 2013, SIATech Little Rock held its first graduation at its new location. The school held a ceremony to congratulate graduates, their families, and the staff on successful completion of their high school programs. Each celebrated the receipt of their well-earned diploma.


SIATech Little Rock Charter High School is a tuition-free public high school for students who need to get back on-track to graduation and earn their high school diploma.Students who fall off track to graduate do so for a variety of reasons. All SIATech graduates have overcome some sort of adversity and obstacles in their quest for a high school diploma. Through their perseverance and determination, SIATech graduates have fought hard to complete school.


Pictured at right is one such student. Principal Katie Tatum smiles with a student who was pregnant when she enrolled at our school, completed all the necessary requirements on October 3rd, and gave birth to her baby the following day. She was back on November 23rd with her newborn to walk in the graduation ceremony. We are all very proud of her, and wish her and her family well.


SIATech Little Rock Reaches Out to the Community
by Wendy Bryant


SIATech Little Rock is ready to serve more studentsThe SIATech Charter High Schoolteam in Little Rock, Arkansas, has spent time spreading the word about the opening of the school's new location. Since September, the Little Rock SIATech team has attended six "spread the word" opportunities.


The outreach efforts range from speaking at local churches to attending community unity rallies. The SIATech Little Rock team is excited about the turn out from publicity. The issue of out-of-school youth is prevalent and nearly every family has been touched by the dropout crisis in some way.


Our team plans to continue to let families know about our new Little Rock campus and be connected with several community outreach events in the spring.


Students and families interested in SIATech Little Rock or any of the SIATech campuses can request more information through our Student Interest Form.


Wendy Bryant is a teacher at SIATech Little Rock Charter High School.



SIATech Little Rock on Fox 16

SIATech Little Rock was featured on Fox 16 TV news on April 30. The segment is on longer school days. SIATech is one of six schools in Arkansas that operate year round. Principal Katie Tatum explains that students lose too much information when they are off for extended periods in the summer. Click here to watch the news story.



SIATech Little Rock Celebrates New Graduates!
by Debra Reynolds

SIATech Little Rock Principal Katie Tatum helps a student prepare for her graduation ceremonyOn April 19th, 34 graduates received their high school diplomas from Principal Katie Tatum in a touching ceremony at the Little Rock Job Corps.


Pictured, Principal Tatum helps graduate Brittany Craig prepare for her graduation ceremony.


SIATech held its mid-year graduation in conjunction with Little Rock Job Corps.


SIATech Little Rock graduate Mary Book is happy to have completed high school



All the students and graduates were thrilled to give and receive recognition for accomplishments in the Job Corps trades and at the SIATech charter high school. Pictured is graduate Mary Book.


SIATech graduate Blake Shuler-Jaramillo (below)  gave the student address which congratulated his fellow graduates on this important accomplishment.


Laurie Pianka, Director of Education for the SIATech school in Little Rock as well as the SIATech campuses in Arizona and New Mexico, attended the ceremony. She recognized the job well done by the SIATech and Little Rock Job Corps staff.


SIATech Little Rock graduate is happy to have completed high schoolAfter the graduation ceremony, students in the culinary trade expertly hosted a reception in the Silver Spoon Café. Pictured at right is SIATech graduate Xavier Mazique.


Many of the SIATech graduates have completed their trade through Job Corps. The majority of the graduates chose the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) trade while at Little Rock Job Corps. But, all trades had some SIATech graduates.


Approximately half of the graduating students are exploring college options by completing financial aid and admissions applications, taking ACT and COMPASS entrance exams, and/or applying to ROTC.


Congratulations and best of luck to all our SIATech Little Rock graduates!


Debra Reynolds is the registrar at SIATech at Little Rock Job Corps Center in Arkansas.



One SIATech Little Rock Graduate's College Work Prepares Him for the Future
by Debra Reynolds


SIATech Little Rock student is dual enrollment in high school and collegeJuvaris Bogan entered SIATech Little Rock in October 2011 and completed his SIATech high school diploma in May 2012. He plans to attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock this fall and major in dance.


In late May, Juvaris applied for enrollment in a freshman-level class at Pulaski County Technical College oriented toward African-American men entering freshman year in college.


The class meets for four hours every afternoon, Monday through Friday, for four weeks and uses the college textbook, The College Experience for Men of Color. Upon completion, each student receives three hours of college credit.


Each applicant to the program submitted a 250-word essay on the topic, "Why Continuing My Education is Important to Me." A brief excerpt from Juvaris’s essay follows:


"Continuing my education is very important to me in several ways. Without education, the mind wouldn't be able to comprehend the thought of succeeding or accomplishing goals in life.


"Education to me is a long path dealing with different levels of mental obstacles to help you decide whether or not you would be ready to hold yourself accountable for your responsibilities as a young adult...I decided to continue my education because I realized that education is more than knowing your alphabet and learning to solve the hardest math problems.


"To me, being educated is doing whatever you love to do and actually sticking with it and making it your main priority. That is why continuing my education is important to me.”


I asked Juvaris to tell me more about the class: 

DR: Juvaris, what was the most challenging part of the class for you?


JB: The most challenging part was learning about personal responsibility.


DR: Every time I’ve seen you lately and asked how class is going, you always say you’ve got a lot of homework, but you’re smiling when you say it. Can you describe the homework assignment you found most interesting?


JB: We had an extra-credit assignment that I liked to do. It involved finding an article about an African-American man, writing a two-sentence summary of the article, and then discussing my ideas about the article. It was an easy way to make an extra ten points every week, and I never knew I could do things like that.


DR: Last week you received your letter of acceptance from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where you are planning to study dance. How has this class been helpful in getting ready for that major transition from high school and Job Corps to the more independent college environment?


JB: In Job Corps, we learned how to get a job, how to use our connections. In this class, we learned how to use our leisure time wisely. Getting work done is all about time and points, getting priorities straight.


DR: What skill or skills do you think is/are most important for students to focus on while in SIATech?


JB: There are a lot of distractions in high school classes. You have to tune into what is important to you. We discussed the quote, "You shouldn't expect any higher than what you put in," at the beginning of one of our classes, and that is really true. You're not going to get a CSSR score of 5 (in Job Corps) when you only put out a one in effort.


We wish Juvaris the best of luck for the future. Debra Reynolds is the Registrar of SIATech Little Rock.



Thank you SIATech Little Rock for a Second Chance to Earn my High School Diploma
by Trendia Bailey

SIATech Little Rock student reflects on the second chance she was given at SIATech


My experience in SIATech has been one of the most challenging but great experiences of my life. My first day in SIATech, I scored passing grades with flying colors and it was so encouraging and most enjoyable.


SIATech Charter High School has been the best school I have ever attended in my 17 years of living. Not only was SIATech my last chance at receiving my high school diploma, but it was my last opportunity at achieving a legit high school diploma.


I absolutely love the different modules and the characters along with the lessons. It makes the lessons less difficult and the modules much easier to understand. SIATech shows about three different ways of solving each problem and also uses activities during the lessons to help you better understand the assignments given.


I honestly give kudos to whoever created SIATech Charter High because it gave me a chance, let alone a chance I didn't deserve, but I completed it and I am thankful for that LAST opportunity!


I hope that it continues to help people in need as such as I was.




Trendia Bailey is a student at SIATech Little Rock at the Little Rock Job Corps Center. Thank you to SIATech Little Rock Principal Katie Tatum for submitting this student essay.



"2 Charter Schools, 1 Atypical, Get OK" Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, January 15, 2011 - The Arkansas Board of Education on Friday approved two new charter schools - one in Little Rock that will target high school dropouts...- View

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