Roles and Responsibilities of Mentor Support Providers (MSPs):
Being a mentor, coach, and support for new teachers is one of the best ways to strengthen the profession, and that relationship creates the heart of the SIATech Induction program. In a stipend-paid role, MSPs work one-on-one with Participating Teachers (PTs), offering guidance and assistance through the formative assessment process. 
Mentors must understand:
  • Beginning teacher development
  • California state content and standards
  • California Standards for the Teaching Profession
Mentors must demonstrate: 
  • Permanent status with your school district or recently retired
  • Minimum of three years of effective teaching experience
  • Valid California clear teaching credential and EL authorization
  • Ability in reflective teaching
  • A commitment to professional growth and learning
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
Mentors must be willing to:
  • Develop a trustworthy relationship with PTs
  • Work with adult learners
  • Be a professional role model
  • Participate in MSP training, including Orientation, monthly online workshops and Colloquium
  • Facilitate formative assessment practices
  • Support PTs with instructional ideas and guidance
  • Meet with PTs at weekly, regularly scheduled times
  • Learn Google Classroom applications for Induction assignments
Please fill out the application here, and submit it to  
Please review and sign the Mentor Support Provider Memorandum of Understanding here.
After review of your application, you will be provided a Finance form to facilitate your 
mentor stipend ($1,500/year) payment through your district or school.