As a nonprofit organization, we create the environments, tools, and techniques that re-engage and motivate students to
complete high school and earn their diplomas. The SIATech ecosystem focuses on three areas essential to success: a proven
curriculum integrating academics and technology, a comprehensive professional development program for teachers,
and extensive management services to help schools operative effectively and efficiently.

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SIATech’s multi-state network of free public charter high schools is the foundation of our educational ecosystem. Our schools re-enroll students highly at-risk of dropping out and those who have already given up and guide them to graduation. Our innovative schools provide students a renewed opportunity to earn a diploma and realize their full potential.

We’ve designed our schools as small, individualized, and relevant to today’s workforce needs. Our first campuses were in partnership with federal Job Corps centers to complement students’ career training. We expanded to Job Corps centers across the country and built more partnerships with workforce training programs. Through our 20+ partnership and standalone campuses, we offer a range of classroom, blended, and independent study learning options for students. Graduating more than 600 students each year, our schools have recently received “Distinguished School” recognition by the California Department of Education and the prestigious “High Hope Schools” recognition by Gallup.

Thanks to our competency-based approach, enrolling in our schools happens when the student is ready, not just in September when schools are ready. Caring staff creates an Individualized Learning Plan based on a student’s needs, interests, and academic history that charts an accelerated path to graduation and beyond. No time is wasted and every student can advance as rapidly as possible. Students stay engaged since SIATech blends the most effective classroom and virtual environments to achieve their goals. They don’t have to wait for June to graduate and can complete the program when they have met all the requirements for graduation.

Bottomline, SIATech schools create hope where there was no hope. We create an environment of possibility that inspires students to imagine a better future for the first time and instills in them the confidence they need with the tools to achieve their vision.


Nurturing and supporting educators is a fundamental part of SIATech’s educational ecosystem. Through our leadership development programs, like Induction, we support educators at every stage in their careers. We have developed more than 25 courses to prepare instructors, classroom aides, and administrators to be leaders in the continually changing educational environment.

Our certified programs prepare aspiring teachers and pair them with experienced mentors to ensure they earn their teaching credentials and evolve into expert teachers. Our orientation programs welcome new employees and train the entire staff of new schools to ensure they impact student learning dynamically and immediately. We support educators with subject-focused training, Common Core State Standards strategies, and tailored professional development programs to meet ever-increasing learning demands for any educational organization. To date, our Professional Development team has conducted hundreds of workshops, impacted countless classrooms, and created scores of highly qualified teachers.

In 2008, we expanded our outreach by creating RAPSA (Reaching At-Promise Students Association) to sponsor conferences, workshops, webinars, and provide an online resource library for
K-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, and volunteers of at-risk students. By 2013, membership in our non-profit organization had grown to 6,000 national and international partners
including teachers, principals, district leaders, advocacy and accountability groups, revered speakers, workforce organizations, and community business leaders.

Bottomline, SIATech helps teachers take their professional development to the next level no matter where they are on the skill continuum. Our comprehensive offerings help all educators foster
continuous improvement – key to guiding an increasingly broad range of learners toward graduation and a successful future.


Founded in 2001, NEWCorp is the innovative management services team in SIATech’s educational ecosystem. We deliver operational support services to ensure efficiency, professionalism, and economies of scale critical to small schools and systems. Our team expertly handles administrative and governance tasks liberating school leaders and teachers from back-office tasks to focus where they should: the classroom and students.

Small schools can leverage our services to outsource the encumbrances that typically impede education. Operational services range from financial management to board governance, facilities development, and human resources. Administrative services include community outreach, advocacy, student recruitment, student data systems and state reporting, and partnership development. And
our instructional support services focus on teacher support, curriculum development, and curriculum licensing.

All of our support service offerings have been created and tested by our leadership team, each of whom brings more than 20 years of classroom and administrative experience at traditional, alternative, and charter systems.

Today, NEWCorp provides governance services for more than ten boards of directors. Our finance team currently provides fiduciary oversight of budgets totaling more than $20 million. Our personnel
services team provides quality support to more than 250 employees. And, nearly 3,000 students access our customized curriculum each school day.

Bottomline, NEWCorp creates the back-office systems and tools to deliver relevant, personalized programming and support so that school systems can succeed in helping students achieve.